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We are a leading manufacturer of poker cheating equipment in China, including poker analyzers, poker cameras, marked cards glasses

Poker Cheating Device Collection

Discovery the cheating products you need to bring you a winning experience in the casino.

Infrared Contact Lenses for Cheating Playing Cards

Infrared contact lenses is the best cooperation partner for marked playing cards as it can be used to read the back marked cards and not subject to any interference in any environment. Different sizes of IR contact lenses based on the color of your eyes will bring a higher level of comfort and experience.

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Poker Analysis Cheating Devices Contains


Poker analyzer is used to forecast winning seat results of poker games or magic performance. Different from other poker cheating devices, the poker analyzer must be used with barcode side marked cards. In other words, side marked cards with invisible barcodes are effective only with the use of this device. A set of poker analysis cheating devices contains a Bluetooth earpiece, remote controller, a barcode marked deck and the poker analyzer phone. Sometimes, an external scanning camera and a smartwatch are also available.

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Infrared Marked Cards

IR Marked Cards are playing cards that feature invisible marks that can only be detected using infrared camera lenses. Usually concealed within sunglasses or contact lenses that appear normal to non-cheaters, these infrared lenses provide cheaters with access to reading these invisible marks. These lenses are an unnerving technology that

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Invisible Ink Marked Cards With Infrared Contact Lenses

Infrared contact lenses are an invaluable way to rig card games, enabling you to see invisible ink marked cards in low light conditions and providing an edge when cheating at card games. Furthermore, these contact lenses can also come in handy at parties and events. Our research team has developed

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A Dice Cheating Device That Can Help You Win More Games

Dice Cheating Device is a sophisticated tool that will help you win more games. Featuring processed dice and remote control functionality, this high-tech dice cheating tool works with transparent or opaque dice alike. To use a dice cheating device, first knock it against something solid before playing, similar to what

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Invisible Ink Glasses

If you want to see invisible ink, all it takes is some UV protection glass and some iodine to colorize paper and reveal your secret message. This method offers great privacy protection! Glasses measurements can often be found printed inside of temples or bridge. To calculate your frame size, start

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Video Poker Cheating Devices

A video poker cheating device allows you to predict the outcome of a game before it begins. It combines poker scanner cameras, invisible barcode marked cards, and a program to calculate winners in gambling games. Unlike old models, this new version is almost undetectable to others. Its appearance is similar

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Playing Cards Cheating Devices

These cheating playing cards devices are gambling technical products that include a number of different tools. These include marked playing cards, invisible contact lenses, a poker scanning camera, luminous pen, and poker analyzer. This particular cheating device is hidden in a cell phone. The main benefit is that you can

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