Bicycle Maiden Marked Playing Cards Red And Blue

Origin: USA

Color: Red and Blue

Package: Classic-Style Bicycle Tuck Box

Shipping: Fedex, DHL and EMS

Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Payment: Western Union and Moneygram

Product ID: IIMC00123

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Bicycle Girl Marker Playing Cards, also known as Ultimate Marker Playing Cards, is one of the most popular marker playing cards in the world. Typically, poker players and magicians apply for a familiar purpose: to cheat in a game or show. The great thing about Maiden Ultimate Marker Playing Deck is that it is very easy to play and control, whether it is an amateur or a seasoned player. Why I say this is because at a quick glance, you can recognize the suit and number of each card without looking at the face. Unlike invisible ink marked cards, there is no system, no glasses, no lenses, and no codes to decode these Maiden Ultimate marked cards. With our human eyes alone, we can recognize every card in a second. What’s more, the cards with the Bicycle Maiden logo can keep up to six months or even a year without fading effect. Just as tactile and flexible as the raw, finished Bicycle Maiden marker cards are more useful than you can imagine.

Here, with the standard red and blue backs, plus the iconic Joker and Ace of Spades, the Maiden is like the fraternal twin of the Rider Back. Comes in a classic style bike folding case.

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