Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck of Cards for Magic Tricks

Brand: Bicycle

Color: Red and blue

Quantity: 12 decks( 6 red+6 blue)/case

Weight: 1.12kg/case

Payment way: Western Union and Moneygram

Shipping method: FedEx, DHL, TNT and EMS

Product ID: IIMC00166

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How to Make Perfect Bike Ultimate Signs Without Invisible Ink Printing Ultimate Bike Signs is a way to alter the original graphics of your bike plates, but these changes are difficult to detect with audio. That’s why these cards are widely used in magic tricks. These are quality marking cards that professional magicians use when closing their magic tricks. Easy to read quality marked deck, often used by magicians on stage or in cabaret venues.

As for the way of making this card, the most basic method is to use needle picking printing, and now printing has basically replaced needle picking. This ingenious marking system allows the cards to be read by the performer, but is very hidden from the audience. This is a deck of cards specially designed for performers. The instructions we provide show the various effects of the stripper platform, plus you have instructions on how to read the markup. Bike final marker deck with poker size and jumbo index or standard index. This perfect size helps a lot when manipulating this card. Making Bicycle Ultimate Marker Deck is not an easy job as the most important job is designing how to hide useful information, but we accept special customer designs.

Weight 0.1 kg


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