Copag Barcode Marked Deck Work With Poker Analyzer System

Brand: Copag

Material: 100% plastic

Processing ink: Invisible ink & IR ink

Processing type: barcode marked cards

Application: Texas Holdem, Omaha, blackjack, etc

Matched analyzer: Any model of poker analyzer

Product ID: IIMC00142

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Copag cards can be made into cards with barcodes, and with the poker analysis system, you can know the winners of casino games or home games. Whether it’s 2-card Texas Hold’em, 4-card Omaha, 5-card Omaha, blackjack, or other types of gambling, you can know the two best winners of the game, the 5 community cards, and even the value and value of each card. Decks, from top to bottom of deck, or bottom to top.

Each model of Copag card is available as barcode marker card, Copag 1546, Texas Hold’em, 139 or 4pip models. There are different types of barcode markers than contact lens markers. Its markings, like a QR code, are printed on the four edges of the playing cards. QR codes of different lengths represent different card values and suits. That’s why it’s necessary to use a poker cheat analyzer. The analyzer first reads the barcode mark, then analyzes the mark and produces a result. It transmits the signal to the mini earphones so that the user can obtain the result secretly and without any suspicion.

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