Copag Class Legacy Luminous Marked Cards with Contact Lenses

Brand: Copag

Origin: Brazil

Size: Bridge size (57 mm x 89 mm)

Index: 2 jumble index

Processed ink: Luminous ink

Application: Magic show, poker cheat, casino game

Product ID: IIMC00167

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Perfect Glow in the Dark Ink Marking Cards are Copag Class Legacy Edition Playing Cards. The full range of Copag Class marked cards is available. Why Copag Legacy is the Perfect Glow in the Dark Ink Marker Cards Because we have original Copag cards, professional invisible inks, marker card printers and experienced technicians and the latest marker card contact lenses.

Copag Class Legacy is a high international quality card made of 100% plastic, durable and waterproof. This COPAG Double Deck consists of 2 plastic decks, a red deck and a blue deck. Each has 54 cards + 2 jokers, is bridge-sized (57mm x 89mm), and comes in a durable hard storage case.

How to detect the glow-in-the-dark ink hidden on the back of Copag Legacy cards If you have a professional tool to help, it is easy and convenient. The technological tools are marker-card contact lenses and infrared sunglasses. You can see the suits and values of the cards without anyone noticing because contact lenses do not change the color of the user’s eyes. The impact of contact lenses and marker cards will be far greater than you might expect.

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