Iphone 6 Power Bank Scanning Camera for Barcode Marked Cheating Cards

Origin: China

Weight: 0.42kg

Scanning Distance: 20-40 cm, 40-60cm, 60-80cm

Processed Manufacturer: GS Company

Delivery Time: 2-3 working days

Shipping Ways: FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS, ePacket

Product ID: IIMC0081

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As we all know, Iphone6 is one of the latest fashion mobile phones with a large population all over the world, so Iphone 6 power bank is also very popular. We can put a tiny camera in there to scan the barcode marked cards for the poker analyzer. Don’t you think it’s cool to scan a barcode tag while charging your iPhone 6? For such a common thing, no one can imagine that there are secret cameras that can scan playing cards.
Iphone6 power bank is one of the latest poker analyzer cameras. If you have a cool Iphone 6, then you can choose this amazing Iphone6 power bank to charge and help you enjoy poker games at the same time. In order to meet the different needs of different customers, we can provide the following distances for Iphone6:
20-30cm, 25-35cm and 30-40cm.
Please confirm your ideal distance before placing an order

Weight 0.1 kg


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