Long Distance Chip Tray Poker Camera to Scan Marked Cards

Color: Black

Material: Plastic

Size: 23*47cm, 25*38cm

Capacity: 350 PCS / 500PCS

Working hours: About 3 hours, rechargeable

Application: Omaha, Texas holdem, Baccarat and Blackjack

Product ID: IIMC00150

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Chip trays are a common item in casinos. It is not surprising to have chip trays installed on poker tables. We can mount a tiny scanning camera on a poker chip tray so it can scan the barcoded cards on the table. Chip tray poker cameras are often used by dealers. The dealer has control over where the markers are placed. In this way, the chip tray can better scan the barcode on the token card.

Chip Tray Poker Scanner Lens scans barcodes within 1 second. So dealers don’t need to stop to give the scanner enough time to scan the barcode. The Chip Tray Poker Scanning Camera must be used with the Poker Analyzer. Poker cameras alone cannot know the outcome of each round because they do not have a program for counting winners.

Operation of the Poker Chip Tray Scanner is very simple. Before playing a gambling game, the dealer needs to turn on the switch of the camera and place the cards in front of the chip tray poker camera. After scanning the barcode, the chip tray sends the information to the analyzer, which then calculates the likely winner of the game. Long range chip tray cameras are available for larger poker tables.

Weight 0.1 kg


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