Metal Electronic Cigarette Poker Scanning Camera for Poker Analyzer

Scanner type: Metal electronic cigarette

Origin: China

Battery time: About 2 hours

Scanning distance: 20-40 cm, 40-60 cm

Matched analyzer: Any model of poker analyzer

Application: Texas Holdem, Omaha, blackjack

Product ID: IIMC00172

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When we invented poker scanner cameras for poker analyzers, the more mundane the better, like the metal vaping poker scanner. Most of our customers are men, and most of them are smoking, so metal electronic cigarette poker scanning camera is very popular in the market.

This metal electronic cigarette comes in red, black and white, you can choose your favorite color. Inside is a tiny camera and a battery, as well as a signal transmitter. Its scanning distance is about 20-40 cm, 40-60 cm, suitable for seats No. 1, No. 10, No. 5, and No. 6 of a ten-person table. The battery can be used for about 2 hours. This electronic cigarette gun comes with two spare batteries. If you think 3 batteries are not enough, you can buy more. It’s not expensive anyway.

All poker scanning cameras and poker analyzers work the same way. The whole process is like this: Find the appropriate scanning angle between the barcode marked card and the scanner within the scanning distance. After scanning the barcode mark, the signal transmitter inside the electronic cigarette will send the information to the analyzer. It only takes one second. The analyzer will report the winner to you.

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