PK King S708 Poker Analyzer Cheat for Texas Holdem and Omaha

Brand: PK King

Scanning distance: 40-60cm

Language: English

Contain: Phone, Watch, Earpieces, Batteries, charger

Weight: 0.32 kg

Shipping way: DHL, EMS…

Product ID: IIMC00159

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If you ask me which poker scanner system you can use to play texas hold’em and omaha poker cheats, i would recommend you the PK King s708 poker analyzer. We all know that a complete poker analyzer system should include: phone, headset, remote control and batteries. The PK King s708 is also equipped with a watch to display the result of the game in a special way. So how does it work in Texas Hold’em and Omaha games

It is an all-in-one poker analyzer that also installs a built-in camera with a scanning distance of up to 40-60cm, so it can read cards quickly and 100% accurately even without the help of an external camera. There are several ways to display the results. When we practice, we usually choose speaker mode to directly report the results. When playing games, we can choose headphone mode or time mode. After shuffling the cards, we need to use our poker analyzer to read the cards, and the whole process only takes 1s. If the time is displayed as “15:02:03”, it means that the second player is the best winner and the third player is the second winner. And “2,3” will be heard through your headphones. What’s more, a good remote can help you change the number of players when needed.

Weight 0.1 kg


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