Professional Loaded Dice Casino Cheating Device

Function: Loaded dice

Size: 6mm, 9mm, 14mm

Material: Plastic, rubber

Processing face: Up to 3 faces

Processing way: Cut, fill, smooth

Working principle: Gravity principle

Product ID: IIMC00144

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Loaded dice is a popular casino dice gambling cheat dice. First, we’ll explain what loading dice is. Loaded dice are dice that produce the number of points you want each time you roll it. The processed faces can be up to 3 faces, and these faces must share the same corner, such as faces 1, 4, 5; faces 1, 2, 4; faces 2, 4, 6, etc. Loaded dice are made on the principle of gravity.

How to Make Professional Mounted Dice Googling isn’t quite the answer. The professional way is to cut the dice in half (two regular dice make a cheat dice) and dig a small hole for the sand. As we mentioned above, use the principle of gravity. After the technician has glued the two parts of the dice together, a tool is needed to remove the cut marks and smooth the machined surface. Professionally loaded dice are up to 99% accurate. For 2- and 3-sided loaded dice, the chances of each side are averaged. In conclusion, I would say that if you want professional casino cheating dice, get professional technicians to make them for you.

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