Uncovering the Techniques Behind Cheating Card Deck in Poker

When it comes to cheating playing poker with a deck of cards there are numerous strategies. One method involves collusion with other players. The players can exchange information using pre-defined signals. They are hard for anti-cheating professionals to identify. False dealing is another way to cheat. It is even more powerful when it is combinedRead more ⟶

Marked Cards For Sale

Cards that are marked for cheating purposes have secret markings on the sides or back of the cards. These markings allow magicians and poker players to determine the value of a card even when the card is lying on its face. Phoenix marked cards are characterized by an attractive back design to help magicians toRead more ⟶

Infrared Marked Cards

Infrared marked cards can be described as playing cards with invisible markings on their back. These markings are not apparent to the naked eye but they are readable with special lenses for contact lenses, or by scanning cameras. Utilizing far-distance infrared juice marked cards, you can win at all poker games. Copag cards work withRead more ⟶

Marked Deck Playing Cards

You want the markings to be easy to read, and look natural. This is difficult to do with the more precise methods of marking your cards such as juice mark or tintwork. This can be accomplished with an array of already-prepared markers. Penguin Magic’s Reader Deck is a fantastic choice. It features a Bicycle MaidenRead more ⟶