Infrared Marked Cards

IR Marked Cards are playing cards that feature invisible marks that can only be detected using infrared camera lenses. Usually concealed within sunglasses or contact lenses that appear normal to non-cheaters, these infrared lenses provide cheaters with access to reading these invisible marks. These lenses are an unnerving technology that could allow cheaters to knowRead more ⟶

A Dice Cheating Device That Can Help You Win More Games

Dice Cheating Device is a sophisticated tool that will help you win more games. Featuring processed dice and remote control functionality, this high-tech dice cheating tool works with transparent or opaque dice alike. To use a dice cheating device, first knock it against something solid before playing, similar to what happens with mercury dices. RemoteRead more ⟶

Invisible Ink Glasses

If you want to see invisible ink, all it takes is some UV protection glass and some iodine to colorize paper and reveal your secret message. This method offers great privacy protection! Glasses measurements can often be found printed inside of temples or bridge. To calculate your frame size, start by measuring its inner width.Read more ⟶

Playing Cards Cheating Devices

These cheating playing cards devices are gambling technical products that include a number of different tools. These include marked playing cards, invisible contact lenses, a poker scanning camera, luminous pen, and poker analyzer. This particular cheating device is hidden in a cell phone. The main benefit is that you can use it without attracting attention.Read more ⟶

Poker Cheating Equipment

The device used to cheat on poker is made to recognize the invisible barcodes found on cards. It transmits information to a tiny earpiece which can display the results of the game and the person who won. The devices are expensive but they’re worth it for the outcomes that they can provide. A hacker identifiedRead more ⟶

Casino Cheating Devices

The devices used to cheat in casinos vary from simple techniques like lighter wands to more advanced technology that could even read cards. Certain devices are so sophisticated that they may even be used in Apple’s annual launch. Certain fraudsters like Tommy Glenn Carmichael get away from the law for a long period of time,Read more ⟶

Gambling Cheating Devices

In the past decade, there have been several large-scale scams in the casino industry which involved cameras. But, the crooks have mostly avoided being captured because the technology is comparatively simple to learn and buy. The latest gambling cheating devices can be purchased from shops located in Guangzhou which is the capital of the worldRead more ⟶