Maverick Poker Cheat Marked Cards with Luminous Marks

Brand: Maverick

Origin: USA

Color: Red and Blue

Size: Jumbo index/ standard index, poker size

Quantity: 12 decks/case

Delivery ways: FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS

Product ID: IIMC00160

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When it comes to American Solitaire, you may be familiar with bees, bicycles and pilots. Here we are introducing another classic American poker card, the Maverick Glow in the Dark Poker Cheating Marker. We import from the USA and mark them with our special invisible ink kit. Luminous markers are invisible to our eyes.

Maverick Poker Cheat Mark cards come in red and blue and come in Jumbo or standard poker sizes. The reverse image is outlined in a simple pattern that presents symmetry, so it is easy to imprint on this card. That is to say, whether it is a red card or a blue card, the effect is equally perfect under infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. As for marking methods, in general all cards can be marked in three ways. Large mark in the middle, small marks on the four corners and small marks on the four white lines. You can see those markers up to 3m without stress. If you are worried that it is difficult to see the mark when the next 2 cards are put together, you can choose small or mini mark. By the way, if you are nearsighted, we can also design infrared contact lenses for you.

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