CVK 500 Poker Cheating Cards Scanner

CVK 500 Poker Cheating cards Scanner

This is the most advanced cheating device for playing card games. It is designed to scan numbers on marked cards quickly and display the results. The device is designed to look like a trendy smartphone. No one would suspect that this is a cheating device. The device is also easy to use and offers the best results.

It comes with high-definition software for image recognition that improves the accuracy in scanning marked cards. The game results can be reported more quickly, accurately and reliably. It also has two original video transmission functions, including 2-4G analog transmission and a brand new one to one digital transmission.

The cvk500 has more games that it can analyze and is more accurate. This device is also able to support multiple languages in order to meet the demands of different users. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to win at the game of poker.

The secret camera in the device can be used in dark environments. It is hidden inside of a light-weight cigarette lighter. It can scan all types of edged barcode marked cards and provides the most accurate game result. The device is compatible to a wide range wireless scanner cameras. It is easy to use and can be used in conjunction with an earpiece for transmitting the reporting sound.

This product is widely used in casinos and other gambling places. It is the most powerful and popular product on the market, and is highly recommended by customers. It can be used by beginners to improve their skills in the game and can help them make a big profit in a short period of time.