Ellusionist’s Bicycle 1800 Marked Deck

What would it be like to have a deck of cards that survived two world wars, nineteen presidents, the Titanic’s maiden voyage, man’s first steps on the moon, McDonald’s selling its first burger, new Coke, Woodstock, and countless other historic events? This is the inspiration behind the unique Bicycle deck.

The Bicycle 1800 marked deck is a standard rider-back design put through a faux aging process that looks very convincing, but which also has the same high quality as a normal Bicycle deck. Despite the old, rustic, and grungy look of these cards, they are actually made from USPCC thick casino grade stock.

This special edition deck comes in red or green backs, and is factory-printed at the United States Playing Card Company. It contains 56 poker-sized playing cards.

Ellusionist’s top-ranked graphic team worked hard on this deck to make it timeless. The weathered look and tuck box design are reminiscent of a genuine antique.

This deck is also a great choice to make for magicians or cardists. For example, the face of the deck has a borderless design that produces an eye-catching pattern in fans and spreads, and on the backs there is a tiled pattern with tiny black roses that will help you unlock this deck’s secret markings.

The marking system is extremely efficient and completely invisible to the untrained. Therefore, even people who don’t know much about card magic will struggle to recognize these markings. The markings are extremely small and can only be deciphered by close observation and good eyesight.

These cards are not only striking in appearance, but they are also extremely well-made. They are also easy to handle. The gaff allows for colour-changing deck effects. Additionally, the Bicycle logo on tuck boxes is very attractive.

The cards are printed on a thin, crushed stock with a linen magic finish. This makes them easy to carry around when performing in front of a crowd. They’re perfect for performing on the streets or camping trips.

They are also available as a black version for magicians who wish to add some vintage charm and character to their acts.

The secret to the bicycle 1800 mark deck is a special system in each card that allows you to instantly see the face of each card and determine the suit and the value of the cards. It’s a feat of magic that you can learn by watching the video instructions.

This deck is highly recommended for cardists and magicians alike. It is a work of art that you can proudly show off to your family members and friends.

The Bicycle 1800-marked deck is a wonderful addition for any cardist’s library, and will be a joy in every game for many years. It makes a unique gift for anyone who enjoys playing cards or is interested in the history and culture of American card games.