Poker Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Contact lenses that can be used for poker with invisible ink often referred to as cheating lens, are one of the most sought-after tools used by poker players to see the hidden markings of cards. These markings can be used to determine the value and suit of the cards, and also the hand of the opponent.

Stefano Ampollini, a 56 year old Italian national known by Parmesan, earned the equivalent of 70,000 euros playing poker in just one day. He also earned 21,000 euros in his second visit. He and his accomplice and accomplice used invisible ink and marked cards to shift the odds in their favor. Ampollini was arrested and is being investigated for fraud.

He also purchased infrared contacts lenses online for 2,000 euros and used them to watch his rivals’ hands, according to The Telegraph. They were both convicted and sentenced to prison in France.

Sandwich Technology is used to create these contacts. This means that they comprise three layers, a thin layer that has an embedded infrared light filter. The state-of-the art laser staining system dyes the filter.

This technology can be employed to create invisible ink-marked cards that are extremely helpful for poker players to see the hands of their opponents. These ink-marked decks that are invisible are also a great option for anyone.

The contact’s thickness at the center can make a big difference in their ability to read invisible ink marks on cards. They should be 0.06mm thick to achieve an excellent reading performance.

Besides, they should be light and comfortable to wear. They shouldn’t be too heavy and could cause damage to your eyes. It is crucial to choose the top quality contact lenses for reading cheating decks of cards.

There are many kinds of these infrared contact lenses for poker games. Some are designed to suit specific eye colors, such as green and blue contact lenses.

Some are suitable for most eyes, such as yellow and brown contact lenses. There are also a few lenses that won’t change your eyes color.

The IR contacts can also be divided into contact lenses and sunglass. These lenses are processed using normal contact lenses that are of high quality. Infrared lenses are more secure than regular contact lenses and will not cause any vision damage or irritation.

They are also lighter than glasses, which makes them easier to wear for long periods of time. Furthermore, they won’t fog up in cold temperatures like glasses.

They can be utilized in any poker game which includes Texas Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat and Low Ball. These contacts can assist you in winning more money and keep you from losing it to cheating players. These contacts can also be useful when you travel to the casino or play poker at home.