How to Protect Yourself From Marked Cards and Poker

Card marking has become one of the biggest threats in poker, and cheaters are coming up with new ways to mark cards. Fortunately, casinos are starting to catch on, but poker remains an underground game, and many players still play in their own homes or at friends’ homes. In this article, we’ll look at some tips to keep you safe from these card-marking tricks.

Cutting out printed areas from the backs is a common way to mark a deck. This is called blocking out. This method is usually used by magicians, because the resulting marks are undetectable to human naked eyes. However, it can be dangerous to players if the markings are too obvious.

Invisible ink is another way to mark cards. This method can be very tricky, because the ink must be a close match to the color of the card’s back. It is also important that the ink be able to be resealed each time it is used, as players can detect traces of color if they do not pay attention.

You can perform the gamblers riffle test if you suspect that you have been cheated by marked cards. This test is effective in detecting some types of markings, but it’s not as good for markings that are made using luminous ink and juice methods. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to ask for a new deck of cards if you suspect that there are marked cards in the game.