Marked Poker Cards

You probably think about the type of marked poker cards that cheaters cheat with at home, or in underground cardrooms. Cheaters continue to find new and inventive ways to mark cards, even though casinos have better ways of tracking cheating. This is why it’s so important to play poker in a casino.

Marked poker cards are playing cards that have special markings on their back or sides to help magicians or players identify the suit and number of each card when they’re face down. There are different types of marked cards that each work differently. Some are invisible, but can be seen through special contact lenses, glasses or poker scanning cameras. Some of the most popular methods of marking cards are crimping or bending the cards, tinting them, and cutting out work.

The first marks that appeared on cards were crimps, or bends. But these didn’t stay for long because other players noticed them and began to suspect cheating. Cheaters eventually began using tint solutions to create tiny bumps or blisters only they could see on the backs of cards. Some of these markings resembled the Braille script while others had more elaborate patterns. Then came the pinprick bumps, scroll work and shade work. These techniques were not just effective, but also beautiful.

Some people use luminous marking or juice to mark their playing cards, but this method is not very reliable. They may be detected by gamblers through a technique called the riffle test, which involves carefully looking at the cards’ backs to see if any of them have small folds or other defects. A better method is the cyclic code marking, which is a series of dots on the backs that only certain devices can read.

Other kinds of marks on poker cards are cyclic codes and segment code. These markings are similar to luminous marks but are not visible by the naked eye or poker scanning cameras. The cyclic code markings have a definite pattern that is easily detectable by poker cheating devices, while the segment code marks are less obvious and more difficult to decipher.

Modiano, Bee, and Bicycle Ultimate Cards, and Copag1546 double decks are among the most popular marked Poker cards. These cards have been printed on the highest quality stock by USPCC, and feature a unique air cushioned finish. The Aces have large pips, and the Celtic theme continues with a mysterious labyrinth. The backs have a colorful array icons, such as musical notes, flowers, and eyes. These cards are great for magic tricks, as well as poker.