Poker Card Ink Illuminator

Poker Card Ink Illuminator – Marking cards is something that some people use for magic tricks and others, like poker sharks, do to cheat at games. There are many ways to mark cards, but the best way is luminous ink. This will make the marks on the backs of the cards invisible to anyone except those who have the correct equipment. Other methods of marking cards, such as slightly different symbols on the backs, bending corners or wearing down the cards, are easily detected by the right tools and will eventually get you caught.

To mark cards, you’ll need a small amount of either Acetone or Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol), and some cotton buds. Start by stripping some of the cotton off of a Q-Tip and winding it round a bit, then test it with your solvent to see how it reacts. Then, using the cotton point as a pen, write the name of the card you’re going to mark on it. Now, with a tiny amount of your chosen solvent, dip the cotton tip into the ink and mark a spot on the card. This should only take a second or two.

Luminous juice marked cards are printed with invisible ink, which cannot be detected by the naked eye. Those who want to see the marks can wear infrared contact lenses or glasses. When you’re playing poker with these contacts or glasses, the luminous marks will glow under certain conditions, but will be indistinguishable from the regular cards when they’re not being used.