What is Marked Cards Contact Lenses?

waht is marked cards contact lenses

Contact lenses for marked cards are special lenses that can help you see the invisible ink marks at the back of the marked card. We can process a wide variety of UV, infrared, and invisible ink marked cards. Come here to learn how to use marked cards contact lenses.

What are the advantages of luminous ink marked cards contact lenses? These contact lenses have a purple part in the middle of the lens, which will reflect the invisible ink markings on the back of the poker cards. The IR light, which is invisible to humans, can be seen through the lenses. Magicians who perform magic shows are also fans of the contact lenses with luminous ink marked cards.

How to choose the right marked cards contact lenses for you? Choosing the right contact lenses depends on your eye color and how often you will wear them. The right contact lens will make sure that you can wear them for a long time. The contact lenses should also be safe to wear and won’t change the color of your eyes.

There are many types of contact lenses available on the market, including luminous ink marked cards contact lenses, UV marked card contacts, and barcode marked cards. Each type of contact lens works differently and requires specific equipment to read marks. For example, luminous ink contact lenses can be used with a standard reading device like a poker analyzer, while UV and barcode marked cards must be scanned by a contact lens scanner.