Magnetic Dice Magic

Magnetic dice magic is a great way to add an extra twist to your tricks. It’s also a fun way to entertain your friends and family.

Some of the most impressive magic routines incorporate dice. So, it’s not a surprise that magnetic dice are becoming more and more popular among magicians!

What’s so special about these magnetic dice?

First of all, these dice are not just any old dice – they’re handmade premium resin with precision sharp edges and color shifting sparkles. They also contain a set of the world’s strongest rare-earth “n52” neodymium magnets – 10% bigger than a standard die!

These dice are perfect for stacking and will even hold a few other standard dice, without losing their quality of magnetic attraction.

They’re also a lot less likely to break than a regular plastic dice!

This is due to the high quality of the resin and neodymium magnets inside. They’re also made here in the UK and not shipped in from China like some dice sets!

Another bonus is that these dice are completely nondescript. They don’t have any fancy designs or logos on them which means that they are easily above suspicion – and this is a big deal when it comes to a magic routine that relies on the dice being pushed/pushed under/moved by a magician!

Besides, these dice are also a lot easier to turn than other standard dies. They’re perfectly weighted and adapted to’stick’/dislodge’ exactly when they need to – without any slamming, so you can easily roll critical successes!

They also have a special neodymium magnet buried just 1mm below the surface of the dice. This makes them a powerful ‘attractor’ which can be influenced by a second magnet, to either attract or repel.

These dice are perfect for any magician looking to add a magnetic element to their routines, whether it be a ‘Kurotsuke’ effect, or a vanish routine. They can be influenced by a finger ring, a magnet strapped to the operator’s knee pressed against the underside of a table, or an electromagnet built into the rolling surface!

A very powerful neodymium magnet hid inside a small, circular plastic box. When a magician opens the box and puts a die on top, he’ll be able to read a number off of the die!

What’s more, you can use it to perform the Shrinking Dice trick! This is a classic that many magicians love to use!

Unlike regular ’chop-cups’ that tend to be made of metal, the cups in this ‘Cubism : Maestro’ set are perfectly crafted from nondescript materials and come in a classy presentation case. The brown/green combo is embossed with ‘Cubism : Maestro’ in black on the front of the case while the black/red set has the logo embossed in silver!